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Catoria Sauvignon Blanc, South Africa (2020)

Made by South Africa's first 100% black onwned winery. 

Catoria Sauvignon Blanc, South Africa (2020)

  • Carmen Stevens owns the first 100% black owned winery. She was inspired to become a wine maker by reading Mills and Boons novels when she was a child. Carmen faced many barriers to entry while trying to study winemaking in South Africa but her resleince and not taking no for an answer got her to where she is now. Carmen has won many awards for her wines and she was voted Naked Wines Winemaker of the Decade.  The name Catoria is a dedication to her two daughters Caitlin and Victoria.

    Carmen ensures that the wines that she makes are of the best quality across the board so that they can age and be enjoyed for many years. 'We need to rid Black-owned wine brands of the stigma of being seen as of inferior quality to wines from a white-owned cellar.' Carmen Stevens. 

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