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Sweet Spice was founded in October 2019 and our mission is to increase POC representation and engagement in the wine world.


Sweet Spice wanted to address the lack of diversity in the industry and shift the narrative around wine to make it more approachable and inclusive. Known originally for its wine tasting events, which focus on a laid back atmosphere, free of the pretension of many wine events, and where music shares almost equal footing to discussions on wines. Each event is led by a prominent person of color within the industry, who curates the wine selection.

Post-lockdown, Sweet Spice Wines has continued to evolve, creating the 'Sweet Spice Talks' series which takes the form of extended Zoom talks with prominent POC wine professionals from across the globe, including Cha McCoy, Jermaine Stone and Philippe Andre.


Sweet Spice is excited to shout about the selection of wines that are now available in the UK that are created by POC winemakers and professionals. We want to work towards having more of these incredible wines here in the UK! 

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Sweet Spice was founded by South Londoner Anoushica Matthews, being of mixed heritage, and often the only person of colour in many wine spaces, she saw it necessary to address the lack of POC representation and engagement in the wine world.

Anoushica found her passion while working at the Michelin-Starred restaurant, The River Cafe, where wine was such a big part of the culture.   It wasn’t until she traveled to Tuscany that she truly got the wine bug. Seeing the vines, tasting from the barrels, and listening to producers talk with such passion about the intricacies of winemaking, inspired her to pursue it seriously.

Anoushica has now been working in the UK wine industry for seven years, currently running Sweet Spice along side her role in the Liberty Wines Sales Team where she looks after the South London area. In this time she has also completed her WSET level 4 and has been lucky enough to have spent time in Spain experiencing a vintage first hand. 

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